Doctor GAUCHER Catherine, dermatologist in PARIS VII

  • Medical Doctor’s Graduate (Montpellier’s University 1977) Specialisation in Dermatology
  • Resident in Montpellier’s hospitals (Sète’s public hospital) from 1976 to 1977
  • Dermatologist in the medical spa station of La Roche Posay from 1995 to 2007
  • Award of the French School of Homeopathy in Paris (1977)
  • Faculty member of the Universities of Medecine & Pharmacy of Montpellier, Bordeaux, Tours
  • D.U. acupuncture (Montpellier-Nîmes) 
  • D.U. lasers in dermatology, phlebology, plastic surgery (Paris V) 
  • D.U. fillers and botulinum toxin (Paris V) member of the ASLMS (American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery) since the year 2000
  • Inscription number at the medical council in Paris : 74048


Cabinet du docteur Gaucher
Cabinet du docteur Gaucher
Doctor Catherine Gaucher dermatologist